Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Back!

What a great week-and-a-half! I visited my family in Traverse City, during the National Cherry Festival...always a hectic and fun time!

I stayed with my grandmother, who lives on a lake, which the kids LOVE. I am always missing everyone (almost my whole family lives there), so the time goes by too quickly.

I have so many images, I could post a whole coffee table book just tonight, so I'll share three...and leave more for a slower time.

The beach was West Bay, just before the fireworks, at sunset. The girls in white are my nieces, and the three in blue (looking over-tired and deliriously happy) are mine.

Fireworks were over Long Lake, where we stayed. They were HUGE..and I was trying to capture them while my little guy and youngest niece were screaming in fear of the being up way past bedtime!

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