Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Beauty...... (Lucky Me!) :)

This little girl has gotten so big since I first met her...she's a shy beauty, who I suspect might be a firecracker in disguise (like most "shy beauties" seem to be..I know, because I have one of my own!)

She is so photogenic, I love to photograph her...and she deserves a beautiful setting like this! I had a hard time deciding which images to post..there are so many!

Little Beauty at the War Memorial

The Grosse Pointe War Memorial is so beautiful at this time of year.. and having a special little flower like this one only makes it prettier! I've held many sessions there in the past couple of weeks, with more to come...so stay tuned!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Big, Beautiful Boy

Believe it or not, this baby really is a two-week old newborn!

He was over 10 pounds at birth, and as you can see, is very healthy and handsome.

I was so glad he and his big sister came over to play!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Back!

What a great week-and-a-half! I visited my family in Traverse City, during the National Cherry Festival...always a hectic and fun time!

I stayed with my grandmother, who lives on a lake, which the kids LOVE. I am always missing everyone (almost my whole family lives there), so the time goes by too quickly.

I have so many images, I could post a whole coffee table book just tonight, so I'll share three...and leave more for a slower time.

The beach was West Bay, just before the fireworks, at sunset. The girls in white are my nieces, and the three in blue (looking over-tired and deliriously happy) are mine.

Fireworks were over Long Lake, where we stayed. They were HUGE..and I was trying to capture them while my little guy and youngest niece were screaming in fear of the noise..plus being up way past bedtime!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Holiday!

I'm about to leave for Traverse City for the next two weeks...so I am leaving you with something a little different. These are some recent commercial shots I did for a local jewelry maker just starting up her business. I love to do something different!
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, and I'll have plenty to post when I return!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1/90th of a second.....a moment worth keeping.

Although her mom might be surprised by this...
I love shooting with P. Simply put, she's gorgeous.
She has thick, wavy hair, and big, Caribbean-Ocean blue eyes.
So what's so surprising?
She HATES being photographed. Hates it! Seeing the above images, you probably can't tell.
I've heard it said before, and it's so true...give me just 1/90th of a second, and I can capture something in-camera that was so fleeting, you probably didn't even see it as it happened.
I love that challenge. And P. never fails me!
Here she was at my favorite photography spot on a beautiful night.